Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Garlicky Italian Parsley Buns

I now grow to like this fresh Italian Parsley…it has a very nice light fragrance which complement well with garlic and butter. Normally I will buy the dry type in a bottle but since Tesco has a whole range of fresh herbs on sale in their supermart section, I now buy them fresh. It costs RM1.79 per pack of 7-8 sprigs , enough for 2 loads of garlic buns. To make the garlic parsley butter filling for 2 loads of buns ( abt 12 buns ), just chopped up the Italian Parsley and a few pips of garlic and add them to 3 tablespoon of salted butter. Mixed them together and tadaa…it is now ready for piping into the buns.

So far this is the best combination I have tried out…and the buns , while they were baking in the oven , the garlicky parsley butter filling gives out the best aroma ever…the fragrance so heavenly that the scent lingers for hours. Mmmmm..yummy….as I am blogging now , the ghost scent still lingers . I am glad that my Piggies and Hubby loves them. My Piggy gal shared her buns with her roommate, Kimberley, and she too loves the buns. So now I have to bake extras of this garlicky bun for the roommate whenever I bake for Piggy gal (“,)

I really got to thank KWF for first encouraging me to try out buns recipes from her blog and since then there is no stopping. She is my inspiration when it comes to buns making . Our morning breakfasts from now onwards are mostly homemade buns..yogurty buns and garlic buns are the most favoured ones :))))

fresh from the oven.....mMMmmmm.... see how soft they buns are :)

My Piggies love these garlicky buns ,
especially Piggy gal..she is a bun gal alright!



  1. Hi Elinluv, I love making buns too :) It's great that you can get fresh Italian parsley easily. I can hardly find them here, the usual ones available are the English parsley at Cold Storage.

  2. Hi HHB,

    Haha I know you love baking buns and I love your blog and never fails to visit at least once a day. Your sharing has enlightened me a lot and thanks so much for this wonderful garlic bun recipe. My kids love it and so do I :)

    It's great that we have this fresh italian parsley. They are grown in Cameron Highlands. I love the light fragrant smell of this parsley not overpowering :)



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