Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Yummz Yummz Garlic Buns

I asked myself this question a thousand times …can I ever live without baking and each time my answer would be the same… CAN’T.  How can I ever not bake…those nice smells emanating from the oven, new and exotic flavor of freshly baked buns or pastries is simply divine. And many a time ,I wish my Piggies are back home with me so that I can go on baking endlessly. Trying out recipes after recipes is so FUN for me. A hobby I can never give up. :)))))

Last nite , I tried this garlic bun recipe from HHB which turned out so yummz yummz that I can’t wait to sms Piggies to tell them my baking turned out nice. Piggy gal loves garlic bun…so I promised her I am going to bake this for her when she comes back. The combination of the chopped garlic, fresh italian parsley and butter brings out this nice buttery garlicky smell..heehee as I am writing this ,I can still remember how nice those smell were . The ghost of its scent lingers everywhere.

The joy I experienced when I took them out of the oven , happiness cannot be suppressed any longer …you can imagine me twirling on my toes carrying the tray of buns out of the oven.. I took my cam out and started snapping away while waiting for them to cool down.

Daddy and I can’t wait till morning to try them coz they look so delicious. Thus we ended up eating two of the buns for supper . The texture soft and fluffy and eating it fresh from the oven is amazingly delicious .Of course, I kept the rest for breakfast (“,) Every mouthful was so yummy that Daddy could only nods his head coz it was so yummz that he can’t reply me when I asked him whether it was good T________T.

It was that good that I have to share my blessings with my readers who come here often. Of course not to forget, a big Thank You to HHB for sharing such a wonderful recipe. Try it to believe it !!! I don’t buy buns anymore…hard work ( if you don't have a bread machine )but worth it coz it is free from PRESERVATIVES and lesser sugar!!

Fresh Italian Parsley

A well kneaded dough should look like this :p

butter, chopped parsley and chopped garlic mixture
this add flavor to the buns
ready for the oven

Out from the oven...cooling on the rack..
the smell is divine!

The combination of flavors and textures is just amazing
a picture is worth a thousand words :)
**I cut open the bun to show the texture
Crispy crust but soft and fluffy inside


  1. Wow.....when will i get my fair share of it?

  2. garlic bun garlic bun garlic bun garlic bun!....

  3. Hi, glad to hear that you love these buns :D I'm sure those fresh parsleys enhanced the flavour, I only had dried ones on hand :(

  4. Hey HHB,
    Happy that you drop a line. Ya the fresh parsley has a very nice fragrance and it really enhanced the flavor. Haha...though the shape is not attractive but the taste and the texture is perfect. My kids love garlic buns. Thanx for sharing and I am a frequent reader of your blog :)))

  5. josh: you will get your share when you come back this weekend

    joanna: I will ask josh to take back for you when he goes back next Sunday...promise :))))

    The buns are very nice. Eaten the next day the buns were still soft


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