Monday, August 18, 2008

Homemade Caramelized Mango Ice Cream

Geeez..…homemade ice cream again! I am really nuts about homemade ices..hmm especially challenging one like this. Caramelized Mango Ice Cream....haha can’t resist this one for sure. It was really good. As long as the mangoes are ripe, the fragrance of the mango will be enough to make you yearn for more. The caramelized mango added extra oomph to the ices. Thumbs up for this ices. Piggy gal had a wonderful time testing out the ice cream I made during the weekend. She gave credits to the owners of the two recipes namely Irish Cream Liqueur Ice and this Caramelized Mango Ice..haha not to the Momsie of course (",). Yeap, I agreed with her totally and really thanked them for sharing their ice cream recipes. It is through their sharing that I am able to make my very own homemade ices :)))

getting the caramel ready

Caramelized mango

Caramelized Mango Ices
Does this tempt you to make some too??? (",)
Thumbs up...taste wise and texture wise

Caramelized Mango Ice Cream ( adapted from Food and Paper who adapted it from Roy Finamore’s Tasty: Get Great Food on the Table Every Day)

For the caramelized mango:½ cup sugar
2 mangoes, peeled, pitted and cut into large dice

For the mango ice cream:3 ripe mangoes, peeled, pitted and coarsely chopped
1/3 cup sugar
1 tablespoon molasses
pinch of coarse salt
1 cup heavy cream
1 cup milk
splash of dark rum ( I omitted this )

For the caramelized mango: Pour the sugar into a heavy medium skillet. Cook over medium heat, swirling the sugar around in the pan often, until it is dark amber. Add the diced mango. The caramel will sputter and seize up. Cook, stirring, just until the caramel dissolves. Scrape the caramelized mango into a bowl, cover, and chill thoroughly.

For the mango ice cream: Process the mangoes in a food processor until you’ve made a smooth puree. Add the lime juice, sugar , molasses, and salt. Process for a minute or so to dissolve the sugar. Scrape the puree out on a bowl, whisk in the cream and milk, cover, and refrigerate for a lest 4 hours.

Freeze the ice cream base according to the instructions for your ice cream maker. When it’s about frozen, add the caramelized mango and rum. Continue to freeze until ice cream is firm. Transfer to a container with a lid, and let the ice cream come together in the freezer for at least 2 hours before serving.

Note: If not using an ice maker, take out and whisk it every 3 hours for a least a few times for better result. The final whisk , add in the caramelized mango and rum



  1. Yoo...drooling again...Can I have 2 scoopes?

  2. i luv ice cream i luv ice cream i luv ice cream....haha, wanna eat again since the exam fever's hit and I reli need some cooling down...*hint hint*

  3. yummy ... was reading other blogs on HongKong's famous mango desserts, and now this!
    wow ... you're really experimenting with every recipes there are, huh?

  4. @ little inbox : :) sure ,no problem.

    @ allie : Thanks for stopping by to drooool (",)

    @ joanna : Sure, place your order now since you will be back soon for your exam break. I will feed you till you look round round like the little piggy on my avatar (",)

    @j2fkm : (",) yup...I won't rest in peace if I don't try them all out...the best thing is I have my Piggies to be my taster of all my failed projects...:)))


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