Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Nugget Salad Buns

Making home-made bread/bun has become real addictive for me. I am glad that I tried this out --- Nugget Salad Buns. Another one of KWF’s fantastic bun recipes which she shared on her blog . Thanks , KWF for sharing such a fantabulous recipe. ;) Glad that I tried it out and Daddy loves it so much especially eaten fresh from the oven. A highly recommended one if you are a bread lover. A good snack for the kids and adults.

It is easy to do and even for an amateur like me, the results were phenomenal, and extremely addictive! I measured out half the recipe coz there were just Daddy and Momsie to eat the buns. Even halved the recipe , I managed to get 12 pieces of buns :))))
You will notice that my buns came out a bit too brown….mmmm it brings out the nice freshly baked scent of buns mingled with the aromatic smell of baked fish burgers..absolutely fantastic!!!! Loves this recipe and definitely a keeper.

For a transcendental experience , enjoy the bun topped with some shredded lettuce and piped some mayonnaise on the lettuce as garnishing for the bun. Every mouthful is Heavenly goodness…mmmmm…. the combination of flavors and soft textures is just amazing. Try it to know it !!!! One word to describe it YUMMYLICIOUS :))))))

Trying out my photography skill... :)

Top view...wrapped bun with fish burger into a rectangular
cut into half but not through the dough
and fold it exposing the fish burger

cutie little buns - proofing time

My cutie buns have turned tan ( Shld be lighter in color )...the smell of
the freshly baked buns was enough to make you faint (",)

Close-up of this yummYlicious nugget salad bun
Put the shredded lettuce and mayonnaise
only when you want to consume it.

***Pls refer to KWF's blog  for the recipe

**** Shout out to Piggies - You can view and drool for the time being. Will make for you when you come back this weekend. So ,meanwhile , DROOL FIRST ya (",)



  1. wow, can really see that you enjoy cooking and baking alot! full time housewife? :)

  2. Haha..nope, a working momsie. Baking is the no 1 passion for now :) Blogging is passion No 2 , to leave behind my baking adventures to my family. A journal for them to remember me when I am dead and gone *wink

    Kids are already in college so lotz of time to indulge in my baking hobby :)))


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