Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Strawberry Yogurt Bread

Yogurt Bread again???? Haha.... Yup, I think one will never get sick of it but will yearn for more . It is light and cottony like , goes well with rich creamy ice-cream...just the thought will make one salivates :)))

Instead of using Mango Yogurt , I used Strawberry Yogurt coz there was one left in the fridge. Now, that the ‘Piggies’ have gone back to college , I took the opportunity to look through the fridge to see what is left behind coz many of these stuff I bought for Piggy gal to snack on while back home for holidays. She loves yogurt-ty stuff so have to check the expiry dates :) Since the Piggies are away in college, Daddy and Momsie eat simple , thus leaving Momsie plenty of time to indulge in her baking and BLOGGING !!! :)))

Since this raving craze over bread making is still on for me, and Daddy loves to eat this yogurt bread , I took the opportunity to bake bread for my lunch the next day and Daddy can have his for breakfast.

The Mango Yogurt is still the best for me. The nice , sweet aromatic fragrance of mangoes fills the air as baking takes place in the oven.

I heart this...

Soft and light , cotton- like and yet it is not dry.....yummilicious

Took some to office, share with my best fren...Nan
heehee....actually to show-off more like it (",) :))))



  1. so good to be yr colleague... i dun mind if u wan to show off to me!! LOL

  2. So nice can make yogurt bread....mouth watering. Do you use some special oven to bake it?

  3. hmmm, I wished MY colleagues would bring something for me though. sigh ... envy ...

  4. jackson: :) haha I dun mind being your colleague too! 'Pick & Brew'offers lotz of nice food..will make a point to visit one of these days ;)

    little inbox: You can aso learn to make it...very easy..just follow the steps. Nope, my oven is the small table top. Just need to test out the oven temp though coz every oven is different. I hope to get a bigger one soon. keeping my fingers crossed :))))

    j2kfm : are so like my little piggies...oinking 4 food always..:) one day someone will bake nice goodies for you..keep your fingers crossed . Meanwhile just drool...LOL!


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