Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spiral Curry Puff - Thumbs Up !

I had a wonderful time making spiral curry puffs. I love Amy Beh’s recipe on spiral curry puffs . I did it once before and knew it was good so I thought I want to treat Piggy boy to some nice curry puffs before he goes to college this coming May and surprisingly I had a wonderful time playing with the dough…(“,) and Piggy boy …ahem..by force , had to be my photographer last night , coz my hands were greasy…thank God he was obliging :) Otherwise , I won’t have any pictures to show you on the puffs.

Haha…I think lately I must be crazy baking and cooking stuffs I had not done for the past one year. I had this crazy feeling like I won’t be around much longer…huh…frightening thoughts though…so I baked and cooked for the family as much as I could. Or maybe becoz Piggy boy will be joining Piggy gal in KL soon and I won’t have my babies with me anymore. I know I am going to mizz them muchie. So, have to pamper them as much as I could with home cook food and knowing them, supper is what they enjoyed most…bad habit though but as we eat ,we chat just about anything….from personal to movies, actors to own real experiences . Supper is bad for health but the fellowship is good for the soul and it is fun and it is the only time we can sit together and have a time of chatting and sharing.

I added beef to the fillings recipe

The water dough and oil dough
to be divided equally to 24 portions

fun time making this sprial curry puffs :)

I haven't mastered the act of making the dough yet
so you can't see much spiral on the puffs but the skin
is fantastic. It is crispy and yet melts in your mouth :)

Every bite makes you yearn for more.....

Here is the recipe



  1. Yoo...so nice the home made curry puffs. The skin must be crispy.

  2. hi little inbox , thanks for dropping by. Yup the skin are crispy and even after five hours they still crispy. Thumbs up! heehee

  3. Omg!
    Your curry Puff is Awesome! ><

  4. wow...i love curry puff... dunno when im lucky enough to try yr curry puff?? hehhee... :P

  5. Hi Jackson,
    Haha...do I take it as a compliment? Nay, just perfecting it. You have a great blog and I am one of ur ardent fan :)I have been reading ur blog before I started my own blog. Your sharing on ur food journey has enlighten me lotz.Thanks for dropping by.

  6. hi.... the currypuff is so nice..
    if u wan to c the spiral dun roll the skin too thin..

  7. Anon: Thanks for the tips...haha ya i think I must have rolled it many times :)


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